Neelu Patel, from Ahmedabad is a trendsetter with each of her artifacts crafted from Paper-Machie. She is known to bring life to used pieces of newspapers through which, she uniquely crafts marvelous paintings complimented with her proficiency in color blending and superficial effects.

​Her mastery in converting waste paper into eccentric art pieces makes her the most eminent artist. With her inclination towards “save our environment”, she is the first of her kind to portray how art can even be an eco-friendly matter.The phenomenal artist has made several pieces of art over the years and has exhibited the same at many prestigious exhibitions both in India and international market as well. She strongly believes that, “if a country is given carbon credit for low emission, then why can’t an individual also be accredited ?” This is a clear evidence of a unique approach she holds toward artwork.Neelu Patel says. ”Inspiration arises within a fraction of a second and even you don’t know, that your existence is going to dissolve in the beautiful outcome of it. That is inspiration to me and it struck me instantly when I thought of nurturing the idea through paper-mache”.

She has received numerous felicitations from the government of Gujarat and national award from the government of India, which marks her forte in fabricating innovative, environment-friendly paintings.

The exhibition celebrates Neelu’s art and investigates what prompted her to tackle the serious issue of environment preservation, what has been accomplished by her in past and what future plans she hold.

Remarkable Review

Krupesh Hirani

Neelu’s portfolio of work is truly remarkable. At our popular Brent Council run library in Willesden, London, Neelu’s work was displayed as part of an exhibition titled ‘Music from the Silent Flute.’ Some of her work also includes using paper materials and transforming them into art. These materials would have otherwise been scrapped so it is truly incredible to see them used so positively artistically.

atul shah

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